I design with a business mindset

I fell in love with design through building my own products, which generated $1M+ in revenue.
I'm a creative who understands the bottom line.
My designs increase
Customer acquisition
Conversion rates
User retention

I'm your foreign friend

I’m Armenian, grew up in France, studied and worked in California, and now live in Toronto.
I speak 4 languages fluently and observe the world  from different cultural perspectives. This helps me empathize with users.
Here are some weird things I like to eat:

I spent 10 years in the music industry

I probably worked with some of your favorite artists. Most importantly, I got to fulfill lifelong dreams, meet my musical heroes, and provide value to incredible artists. I even got a shoutout on a song.


I train in brazilian jiu-jitsu 4 times a week. I also take cold showers every morning. Love the former, hate the latter.


I'd love to chat!
My email is hi@vincentloris.com